Development and Nonprofit Management

It doesn’t pay to submit grant applications willy-nilly, throwing proposals out there to see what sticks. That’s a waste of valuable time and money. By contrast, careful prospecting paired with a strategic outreach plan can result in funding that sustains, expands, or launches programs. The necessary ingredients are solid program design, meticulous research, relationship building, great storytelling, and ruthless attention to detail. The results speak for themselves.

Assistance is available in…

  • Program design, to build programs that serve your mission and make sense to funders
  • Prospecting to identify potential foundation funders whose goals align with yours
  • Guidance in relationship-building with foundations
  • Development of a strategic outreach plan and grant submissions calendar
  • Drafting of proposals and letters of inquiry
  • Preparation of grant reports
  • Content development for fundraising brochures and collateral
  • One-on-one coaching for board development, individual donor solicitations, and more

New sources of funding are out there – so is the help necessary to find and access them. Schedule time to explore your possibilities.

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